This is the blog for “La estrella del jamón”, a commercial slogan that will soon swell the ranks of brands from Mariano Gómez, S.A. and Jamones Sierra Palomera, S.L.

More than 40 years ago, the Gómez family grandfather, along with his son, founded the company that bore his name, Mariano Gómez, devoted to making ham. It has a natural drying facility in Fuendetodos (Zaragoza), Goya’s birthplace, in the foothills of a mountain range standing 750 metres above sea level, and another in Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza), where as well as curing ham, the administration and all product sales are based.

In 1995, we decided to start producing Teruel Ham with a Protected Denomination of Origin in a newly-built natural drying facility in Monreal del Campo (Teruel). Although the family actually owns the drying facility, this ham has been sold for years under the Sierra Lindón brand, belonging to Jamones Sierra Palomera, S.L.

Two companies, one family… it was difficult for consumers to understand that hams by Mariano Gómez and by Sierra Palomera (Sierra Lindón as a commercial brand) were made by the same family and, more importantly, in the same way. Consequently, from 2015, we brought out a new image with a slogan to identify us as a single brand with different types of ham. Mariano Gómez will continue making Añejo and Añejo Reserva and Jamones Sierra Palomera will add to the well-known D.O.P. Teruel Sierra Lindón with a new product, the Sierra Palomera fodder and acorn-fed cured ham.

From now on, the La estrella del jamón slogan and this friendly little pig will demonstrate that we are a single brand, with the same artisan and natural way of making ham.

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