More than 40 years ago, Mariano Gómez, S.A. was set up as a company. Our grandfather, Mariano Gómez, and our father Luis, had already spent many years curing hams but it was not until 1973 that they set up the company we are currently running as the third generation.

Ever since, this family company has used two logos. At the start, this was just a simple “Gómez” on a red background on the hams until the first corporate logo appeared, created by an architect:

For almost three decades, this was the image (with just a few small variations) that tied us to our product.

As the new century dawned, we decided to replace it with something more appropriate for the times:

Despite not lasting even half the time of its predecessor, we think it’s time to retire it. Image is becoming increasingly important. We continue making ham as we have been taught, crafting it, looking after the raw material and caring for each piece. Processes have been mechanised and sanitary checks have increased, but our natural drying facilities remain the same.

However, we believe we need something extra. We need to “dress up” our ham to let consumers know that we are different, that we make ham carefully and elaborately, that we don’t make just any old ham and that our ham should be accompanied with an image to project its quality. So, during 2015, Mariano Gómez, S.A. will be renewing its corporate image and commercial look.

This will be the company’s new logo:

We don’t know how long it will last, because trends change every day  but right now, we are more than proud of Papelerías El Carmen’s work on our image. In our opinion, it successfully puts across the family and artisanal values that define us, reflecting our serious intent and trustworthiness. This is not the commercial logo that will accompany the product but a corporate logo that we hope will help us to forge this company. We’ll talk about the commercial logo and new image for Jamones Sierra Palomera another time.

We hope you like it.

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